Choose Mindfully

Lately there has been a media frenzy about decluttering, largely due to Marie Kondo and the popularity of her book and tv show. I don’t know about you, but my inbox has been ‘cluttered’ with businesses marketing their products using #kondo slogans and inspiration { how’s that for irony :) } 

I think Marie is terrific and applaud her for her success - she brings positivity and awareness to the organising industry and her mantra of ‘sparking joy’ has captured the attention of millions. William Morris also said it brilliantly  “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 

However…. once you’ve decluttered your space and the items you’ve kept are joyous (and hopefully functional)- what next?  

My Grandfather Emil’s chair which now sits proudly in my studio.

My Grandfather Emil’s chair which now sits proudly in my studio.

Moving forward….Choose mindfully. 

Do you really need it? 

Where was it made? 

Who made it?

How long will it last? 

What materials were used?

These questions all help you consider your next purchase -  their purpose and function to avoid the temptations of ‘just in case’, ‘because it was on sale’ or ‘because it’s on trend right now’.

 My grandparents’ generation couldn’t afford to replace furniture and homewares all the time so they chose items that they really loved which were well made and lasted for decades. The craftsmanship, the materials – all quality made and well thought-out designs. I have inherited 60 year old pieces that are still in incredible condition. This generation chose mindfully – and chose the best they could afford at the time.  I feel we can learn a lot from this and am excited that other makers also value this. There is a definite movement in appreciating handmade, craft, quality and original design.

 NOTE: In 2003 I founded a little business called ‘Organised Clutter’ which was one of Sydney’s first professional organising businesses - helping busy households declutter, organise, repurpose, repair and restyle.

 My intention was to create happy, functioning spaces and educate about mindful purchasing. Now that I work full time as an artist, organising has become my occasional side hustle. (I still dabble as I love to transform spaces, organise things and help people.) 

In developing my own art and homewares range, my intention is still to create happy spaces, with items that are ethically and sustainably made, are functional and evoke joyous memory.

More on Organised Clutter can be found here: